Clinton Folks Predict a "Major Surprise in Dallas and Fort Worth"

Hillary Clinton's campaign feels very good about carrying the DFW tomorrow -- says so in today's New York Times, right below a picture of Barack Obama campaign workers holding "Obama for President" signs. As in:

Michael Trujillo, director of Mrs. Clinton’s Texas field offices, said the campaign had rapidly mobilized ground support in places like the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, which could prove to be where the campaign is won or lost, with 26 of the state’s 228 delegates at stake and a pool of almost 700,000 potential voters who supported Senator John Kerry in 2004.

“Our base is primed for a major surprise in Dallas and Fort Worth,” Mr. Trujillo said. And members of that base still sound confident, even with recent polls showing that Mr. Obama had erased Mrs. Clinton’s early lead in the state.

Forthcoming, scenes from last night's rally on Cedar Springs with Chelsea Clinton, Gloria Steinem and Meathead. --Robert Wilonsky


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