C'mon, PC World, No Unfair Park?

Virginia Postrel, PC World loves you -- well, your blog, at the very least.

PC World has just its list of “100 Blogs We Love,” and included therein is Blog Maverick, the daily musings of Mavs Man Mark Cuban, whose last two posts reveal his wide-ranging interests: Hedge Fund IPOs -- Individual Investors Should Be Careful and Unfair Park fave (and yours) My Colonoscopy, in which he described the roto-rooting procedure as “breezy and easy.”

There's another blog with local ties on the list (The Atlantic contributing editor and Dallas resident Virginia Postrel's Dynamist), but the story really serves to offer you many, many new opportunities to wander the blogosphere and delve deep into stuff you didn’t know you wanted to know more about. A blog about TiVo? Awesome. Or are you a Treonaut, maybe? There’s even a blog called Geek Sugar for technobabes.

Or just go straight to their favorite funny stuff: Fake Steve Jobs, which PC World claims even the real Steve Jobs reads; WaiWai, featuring real Japanese translations of news stories, including the recent “Comic Yell serves up girly manga for manly men”; and I Can Has Cheezburger, which features a lot of cute animals with absurd captions. Sigh. There just aren’t enough hours in a day. At least Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith loves us -- we think. --Glenna Whitley

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