C'mon, People, Billy Zane Really Needs Your Help. And He's Even Lowered His Standards.

Before they were looking for a "Pretty-Handsome Harvard/Yale Type" to stand next to Billy Zane; now, "fit" will do. Seems Twentieth Century Fox had some trouble finding extras with whom they could fill the offices of Sterling Law: Two episodes into shooting the six-eps-ordered The Deep End for ABC, the production company has once more put out a casting call for warm bodies to finish out filming in Dallas (they were in Northwest Dallas yesterday, matter of fact), which should wrap middle of next month. Here, then, the full notice, shipped to Unfair Park last night with an extra exclamation point for "urgent":

Twentieth Century Fox Television is in Dallas filming a new television series for the ABC Television network titled The Deep End. Starring Billy Zane, the production recently completed the shooting of Episode One and are currently filming Episode Two. The Extras Casting Department for the show is actively searching Dallas for good looking, young, fit, upscale people to be cast as background for all the remaining episodes. If you fit this description and are between the ages of 20-35, then they are looking for you! Please submit the following to abcthedeepend@gmail.com

  1. A Clear Picture of Yourself
  2. Your Contact Info
  3. Your Height & Weight
  4. Your Schedule Availability
Make sure all information is on the opening page of the email. All roles are paying gigs. You MUST be a Texas resident! We are also urgently needing good looking males between the ages of 20-40 who are physically fit. If you have previously submitted a picture, please do not resend.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.