"Concerned About Our Republic For Years Now," Janine Turner Lands KLIF Talk Show

Since Janine Turner didn't get that spot on the next-gen Dallas reboot for TNT, she's turned her attention elsewhere -- late-night weekend AM radio. Had no idea. But, sure enough: The former Northern Exposure star with the ranch outside of town launched her right-wing radio hour last Saturday from none other than Unfair Park cross-the-street neighbor KLIF; her guests were Karl Rove, Andrew Breitbart and none other than Liberty Institute's own Shackelford, speaking of.

Turner's long been doing a podcast, but Cumulus officials approached her about moving it left of the dial, as it were. So why come the new venue? She writes:

I decided to start my own radio show podcast because I love to learn and I feel passionate about our country, America, which truly is the last great hope. I also started my own radio show because I feel as if I need to be doing something to try to "sound the alarm," as Publius states in the Federalist Papers. Here I can express my opinion. So many of our nation's youth and citizens are "default liberals," to quote Andrew Breitbart, because they simply have no other realm of reasoning. Our culture currently limits choices, in the press, academia, movies and music. I, a person who has been a part of the show biz culture, feel a need to address this bias.

I only found out about it because of the press release we just received about this weekend's special guest: Rob Morrow, her Northern Exposure co-star. Which prompts this quip from Turner: "I've gone from Northern Exposure to American exposure, casting a spotlight on the issues that are important to America's future." Looking forward to an appearance from Christopher McDonald, her Leave it to Beaver co-star.

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