Congressman Steve Stockman to Gunmakers: Come Check Out Texas

U.S. Representative Steve Stockman is not a subtle man. We could go so far as to say he has a flair for the dramatic. He is, after all, the man who brought Ted Nugent as his plus-one to the State of the Union address, and compared the Earth to a sort of fuel-filled water balloon. And even further back, he claimed that the disaster at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco was a setup by the Clinton administration.

Now, just as Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed new gun control legislation on Friday, Stockman has posted an open letter to spurned gun manufacturers (sic): "Come to Texas!!! The state which believes the whole Bill of Rights should be followed, not just the 'politically correct' parts. Your rights will not be infringed upon here, unlike many current local regimes."

The CEO of Connecticut-based Colt, a company that manufactures the AR-15, in an op-ed in last month's Hartford Courant worried about the unsung victims of such legislation: the gunmakers.

"Our customers are unusually brand-loyal," he writes. "In many cases, they personally identify with the firearm brand they choose. Although our Connecticut heritage has historically enhanced our brand, that will change overnight if we ban the modern sporting rifle."

After the passing of Colorado's new gun laws last month, Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearm accessories, announced it would leave it the state. The president and CEO of HiViz Shooting Systems, claiming "we cannot in clear conscience support with our taxes a state that has proven through recent legislation a willingness to infringe upon the constitutional rights of our customer base," said his company will follow suit. Other "unwanted manufacturers," as Stockman calls them, include Stag Arms and Mossberg in Connecticut and Beretta in Maryland.

If any of these companies are eyeing Texas as a new home to set up shop, they were likely doing so before Stockman's invitation. Mother Jones suggests that Stockman is just trying to maintain his reputation of high volume and wackiness. It's certainly an effective way to stay in the news.

The full letter follows.

Stockman invites all persecuted gun owners and manufacturers to enjoy Texas freedom and prosperity

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Steve Stockman (R-Texas 36) released the following open letter Friday to all gun manufacturers, and owners, persecuted by radical anti-gun legislators in their states:

Attention all persecuted gun owners and unwanted manufacturers,

This is an open letter to invite all to the 36th Congressional District of Texas.

Recent draconian gun legislation passed in Colorado, Connecticut and Maryland has made those states unfriendly to law abiding gun owners, weapons manufactures, and weapons parts manufactures. These states have proven they do not value those who obey the law and pump millions of dollars into local economies. This is not the way for government to treat people.

Come to Texas!!! The state which believes the whole Bill of Rights should be followed, not just the "politically correct" parts. Your rights will not be infringed upon here, unlike many current local regimes.

Texas is the number one state in the nation for job growth because we know how to treat job creators. With no state income tax, abundant natural resources and ease of access to shipping ports, Texas is the ideal place for relocation.

Magpul, HiViz, Beretta, and Colt, your businesses are welcomed with open arms in the 36th District of Texas.

Warmest wishes,

Steve Stockman U.S. Representative 36th District of Texas

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