Cool Runnings: Today, the Best Sledding In Town Took Place at Stevens Park Golf Club

Blanketed by a fresh coat of snow, the hole three hilltop at Stevens Park loomed like an Oak Cliff Matterhorn this morning, and for the lucky ones in the neighborhood with nowhere else to be, it was home to the sweetest sledding in town.

A few kids got to show off how their snowboards and sleds handled the slope, but it didn't take more than a piece of cardboard -- or a suitcase, campaign yard sign, plastic banner or flat-screen TV box -- to get into the Winter Olympics spirit. Two brave kids rode down the hill with their dad between them on an air mattress.

"This is the best place, man," Oak Cliff native Billy Ray Peters told Unfair Park. Watching his 7-year-old grandson LaDaren plunge down the hill, Peters said the winter storms have made for a good change of pace. "It's given people the time to just chill, take some time off," he said, looking around at the crowd on the hill. "It brings people together. You've got people from all different cultures here, and we're all neighbors anyway."

"When we were little and it snowed some, we used to come out here," said Oak Cliff native and Sunset High School alum Grimaldo Sanchez. "Now it's time for the little ones to come out here."

More photos from Stevens Park on page two.

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