Corby Davidson Ain't Going Nowhere

And neither's Mike Rhyner, which you already know if you read Richie's piece last Friday about how "The Hardline" was awful close to moving from KTCK-AM to the recently launched The Fan located at 105.3 on Your FM Dial. Said Rhyner last week, "It was close. Very close. ... [But] in the end game, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't turn away from The Ticket. From what we've built here." And today, the station makes it official with the announcement of new deals for both hosts.

Moments ago, Ticket program director Jeff Catlin sent a press release announcing that Rhyner and Davidson are now proud owners of "new long-term contracts," which "assures that 'The Hardline' will continue to be heard on The Ticket for years to come." Says Cumulus veep and marketing manager Dan Bennett in the release, "We are very pleased to sign Mike and Corby to new deals. They've had a strong track record of consistently high ratings since day one, and they have done a great job reinventing the show over the past two years. They are and will continue to be a key part of The Ticket's overall success."

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