Could Conor McGregor's Next Fight Be at AT&T Stadium?

Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar Conor McGregor says he wants his rematch against fighter Dustin Poirier to take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington.
Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar Conor McGregor says he wants his rematch against fighter Dustin Poirier to take place at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Jacob Vaughn
Ultimate Fighting Championship superstar Conor McGregor's next fight could be at AT&T Stadium, he announced on Twitter Wednesday. The bout, a rematch between McGregor and UFC fighter Dustin Poirier is set for late January.

"I accept, Jan 23rd is on!," McGregor said on Twitter. "My goal is to see this fight take place in Cowboy stadium. Proper Style! Jerry Jones is a friend and the stadium can hold our crowd. I will be ready for Texas and Texas will be ready for my fans!"

Neither the UFC or AT&T Stadium responded for comment on the fight possibly taking place in Arlington.

In January this year, McGregor made a dominating comeback against welterweight UFC fighter Donald Cerrone, winning by TKO in the first 40 seconds of the first round after landing a series of unconventional shoulder strikes on Cerrone's face. 

The win came after two big losses for McGregor, one in his first pro boxing bout against arguably the greatest boxer alive today, Floyd Mayweather, and the other against UFC Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The fight scheduled for next year will be the second time McGregor and Poirier have faced off. The first came at the expense of Poirier in a featherweight bout six years ago. Poirier suffered a TKO loss at McGregor's heavy hands in the first round. Poirier later called it a heartbreaking loss.

Since then, Poirier has moved up to lightweight and said he would never return to the featherweight division. In response to Mcgregor's announcement, Poirier said on Twitter, "Close to home for me on my birthday weekend! What weight?"

McGregor announced he accepted the fight earlier this month but was insisting it happen this year. He wanted the fight to take place in late November. But according to ESPN, this week UFC President Dana White gave the Irish fighter an ultimatum: "He's been offered Dustin Poirier on Jan. 23. It's a yes or no answer." To which McGregor quickly accepted. 

While both fighters have publicly agreed to beat each other up next January, ESPN’s Ariel Helwani has reported that there still is not a written agreement between them. Subsequently, no other details have been released about the match-up. McGregor has a 22-4 record against Poirier's 26-6.

McGregor has flirted with the idea of retirement for a few years now, as he's already made many millions during his time in the UFC and is pursuing other business ventures, like his whiskey company Proper No. 12. The fighter has announced his retirement three times since 2016. The latest came on a Sunday morning in early June this year.

On Twitter, McGregor said after fighting Poirier, he wants to step into the ring for his second pro boxing match against Filipino professional boxer Manny Pacquiao. 
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