Could It Be That Owen Wilson?

Look, anyone can say they're Owen Wilson. I'm Owen Wilson. See, it's that easy. So there's no way of verifying that the poster to The New York Times' comments section concerning a story about states letting felons vote is, ya know, Owen Wilson. Or that Owen Wilson. But let's say it is, because it's fun and who's gonna stop us. Besides, it sounds like Owen Wilson, at least if you imagine Owen Wilson just took a giant hit off Billy Bong Thornton. Here's what "Owen Wilson" wrote:

"Owen Wilson:

You have a democracy. Felons live in the democracy, and serve in the Congress. Under the constitution, I see no reason why felons should not have the right to vote. One could enlarge upon this to say, that to restric the right of a felon to vote amounts to double jeopardy—unquestionably, once the sentence is served.

An unfortunate characteristic of "the most democratic country in the world" has been a notable lack of democracy. To wit: in the old days, making the communist party illegal; in the current days, forbidding citizens from examining for themselves states such as Cuba; and in the current context, removing from the democratic process the voice of "felons" whether their crime is great or small. posted on October 12th, 2006 at 1:19 am"

C'mon, that is so not Owen Wilson. Or is it? --Robert Wilonsky

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