Cowboys Award a Lucrative Contract Extension to ... Orlando Scandrick? Really?!

This is what happens when you fail to sign Nnamdi Asomugha.


Out of desperation more than inspiration, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones yesterday gave a five-year, $27 million contract extension (including $10 million guaranteed) to ... Orlando Scandrick.

I don't know whether to laugh. Or vomit. On the Top 50 things I think the Cowboys need to do, locking up the self-proclaimed "O-Dawg" wouldn't be included.

Said Scandrick after last night's Silver 'n Blue Debut practice at Cowboys Stadium: "Did I think I'd get this money? Can't say I did."

Join the confused crowd, Orlando.

Drafted in the 5th round out of Boise State in 2008, Scandrick has been -- like his team -- mediocre at best. In three seasons he's started only nine games and made exactly two interceptions. Behind Terence Newman and Mike Jenkins, he's Dallas' third corner. And, let's not forget, he played an important role on the 2010 secondary that was the worst in the franchise's 51-year history, allowing a league-high 33 passing touchdowns.

He's okay, but certainly not a game-changing playmaker. Then why give him starter's money?

The Cowboys obviously believe Scandrick, only 24, is one of the NFL's premier Nickel cornerbacks and they believe he'll be one of their starting cornerbacks in the near -- and distant -- future. Since the dawn of training camp defensive coordinator Rob Ryan has raved about his speed and smarts, to which we've all scratched our collective media heads.

Scandrick is testy. Curt. At times a prick. But elite?

I asked him in San Antonio to compare and contrast Ryan's defensive scheme with Wade Phillips'. His answer: "Man, it's a totally different defense. What you been watchin'?" And with that, he rolled his eyes and walked away. Don't care if Scandrick is good with the media, just want him to produce on the field.

And so far ... nope.

Asomugha didn't intercept a pass until his fourth season. If Scandrick doesn't drastically improve in his fourth season -- and beyond -- the Cowboys have made a grave mistake.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.