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Cowboys Camp: Thursday Wrap-Up

Prepared to be dazzled. Or disgusted. Depends on your perspective, I guess.

Pacman Jones is full of … tricks.

On Monday the dude caught six punts, storing each ball in a different part of his torso, without ever dropping one. Tuesday he was fielding kickoffs with one hand. And yesterday he showed up with blood-red eyes, courtesy of tinted, prescription, Nike contacts.

“Truth is I’m blind, real blind,” Pacman said after Wednesday’s afternoon workout. “These things really knock out the glare. Contacts are cool, because I’m scared of Lasik.”

While denting the eye black industry and opening up the snarky critics to take “blood-shot eyes” wisecracks, Jones has been a model camper. Wednesday he spoke to lowly reporters after practice, put his arm around owner Jerry Jones and tossed fans his white do-rag after signing autographs.

“I’m having so much fun again,” Pacman said. “I missed this game more than I ever thought I could.”

For more observations, ready, set … jump:

*After a subdued first few days of camp, first-round draft pick Felix Jones finally wowed us Wednesday morning. Taking the hand-off on a draw, Jones burst up the middle and sailed untouched down the sideline. The play created a frenzy among offensive players and even drew a high-five from injured cornerback Terence Newman. “That was impressive,” said coach Wade Phillips. “No one would have gotten him and we had some fast players on the field.”

*Tony Romo’s buxom blonde still isn’t here in Oxnard, but a familiar face turned some heads Wednesday afternoon. Anybody remember Lisa Guerrero? Apparently the former Monday Night Football disaster lives in L.A., promotes golf tournaments and looks damn good.

*I was talking to old Cowboys’ running back Calvin Hill – now a member of the team’s player development staff – for an upcoming cover story on Pacman Jones when he absolutely floored me. “By the way, I’m a big fan,” Hill said. “I get the Observer every week at the Barnes & Noble on MacArthur.” The interview continued, but, frankly, I have no idea what he said after that. -- Richie Whitt

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