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Cowboys Catch-Up

While the Mavs have been imploding and the Stars surging, your Dallas Cowboys have made some news of their own. In no particular order:

*Tony Romo is not married to Jessica Simpson … Yet.

*With Dallas’ first full-squad minicamp still two weeks away, is it too early for Sports Illustrated’s power rankings? Didn’t think so. How’s No. 4 grab ya?

*The Cowboys will be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks this summer. Back in ’02 we were bored by Dave Campo singing and Bill Bates debating the speed of a grouse and Richmond Flowers, well, singing some more. But I predict Pacman Jones’ off-day visit to this place will be the highest-rated episode in show history.

*Over the weekend tight end Jason Witten hopped up on stage with Kenny Chesney. Can we still consider him a cool guy?

*Owner Jerry Jones says that of the 15,000 mondo-expensive seats at the new stadium that went on sale around Thanksgiving, the Cowboys have sold about 8,000. “It’s beyond my expectations,” Jones says, adding that the cheaper, er, more affordable seats will be go on sale “real soon.” The Cowboys keep saying sales are brisk, but chances are you – like me -- know somebody who knows somebody that didn’t buy season tickets in the new joint because they couldn’t afford it.

*Former first-round draft pick Bobby Carpenter is moving again, this time to weakside inside linebacker. Last year he made a whopping two tackles on defense, so it can’t get much worse.

*Here are some pics from the email I was looking for earlier. In Jersey, these nimrods are affectionately called “Guidos.” Aside from being ridiculously hilarious, they are mostly New York Giants fans. It’s just not right that they’re happier than us is it? -- Richie Whitt


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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.