Cowboys DB Subject of New Attempted Rape Allegation

C.J. Spillman, the Cowboys defensive back named in connection with a September 20 sexual assault allegation in Grapevine, was accused of attempted rape in December 2013 while he was a member of the San Francisco 49ers.

According to a Santa Clara, California, police report obtained by the New York Daily News, a massage therapist accused Spillman of groping her and trying to rip off her pants after she gave Spillman a massage. He then pinned her to the ground and tried to put his penis in her mouth, she said.

Spillman denied the allegations to police and was never charged in the incident.

The massage therapist's allegations were made public by Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing the alleged victim in the Grapevine case.

Allred informed the NFL of the Grapevine incident in a September 25 letter, four days after Spillman was allowed to play for the Cowboys against the St. Louis Rams, despite the team's knowledge of the accusations.

Yesterday, Allred met with Lisa Friel, a former New York City prosecutor and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's new adviser for criminal cases, but said afterwards at a press conference that she was disappointed with what she heard.

"We're not interested in window dressing where the commissioner has a news conference, says he wants to do it right, he wants to get his house in order, and then one day after it an allegation of rape is made to the police and the player is still playing," the Daily News reports she said. "My question is, is that a violation of the policy? What are they going to do?"

The Cowboys said on Wednesday that they will continue to deal with the situation as they have dealt with the original allegation, by continuing to allow Spillman to fully participate in all team activities, including practices and games, unless he is charged or arrested.

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