Better than Brad Johnson, spleen or no.

Cowboys Interested in Chris Simms

In news that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram first reported earlier this month and the St. Petersburg Times touched on again yesterday, the Cowboys are seriously considering a trade for former University of Texas and current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Chris Simms.

A source told me Tuesday that the Cowboys would be “cheating the team” if they left the backup duties to 40-something Brad Johnson.

“We’re waiting on Chris,” said the source. “Waiting on the price to be right. We know we need to do something.”

As I said yesterday, Johnson looks awful here at training camp in Oxnard. His arm strength has totally deteriorated to the point where he can only throw off-speed stuff in a sport that often requires pin-pointed fastballs.

“Brad understands the game,” head coach Wade Phillips contended after practice. “He audibles into the best plays. He doesn’t throw interceptions or take sacks. Those are all things we can fall back on and feel good about it. He gives us confidence.”

Well, not all of us. Seriously, those shitty mortgages prompting all those foreclosures are equipped with better arms than Johnson.

As for Simms -- who hasn't played since having his spleen removed after a vicious hit early in the 2006 season -- he’s one of five quarterbacks in Tampa Bay’s camp. If the Cowboys can get him for a mid-round pick I say go for it. I’d hate to see all of Dallas’ talent handcuffed with a Tony Romo injury that forces Johnson to play elderly bus driver. -- Richie Whitt

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.