Craig James (Sort Of) Addresses That "Google Bomb" About Those "Five Dead Hookers"

Mention the words "Craig James," and chances are at some point your comments section will fill up with something like, oh, I dunno, something like this: "I've heard CRAIG JAMES HAS NEVER DENIED THAT HE KILLED 5 HOOKERS WHILE HE WAS AT SMU." Which the SMU Mustang never seemed to mind when he was on ESPN or getting Mike Leach fired, but now that he's running for U.S. Senate, well, that's a whole different ball of oy-vey. As Deadspin notes this morning it even made James's own campaign website, though nobody's yet bothered to remove the brilliant acrostic contributed by one Ramzy Nasrallah.

Anyway. James has taken to the Twitter and Facebook to more or less address the fact he in no way killed five hookers while he was at SMU. Well, he sort of touches on it, actually, linking to this piece posted yesterday about how James is the victim of a "Google Bomb." Tweets James, or whoever it is he pays to do his tweeting: "They're a headache, but they won't slow down this campaign." If you say so. Though, clearly, those comments on his own campaign's Facebook page won't do him any favors. The first one? "Sooooooooo...does this qualify as a denial?"

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