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Dallas' Black and Brown, In Black and White This Morning

Last week, Adelfa Callejo got herself -- and Hillary Clinton -- in a wee spot of trouble, when the Latino-rights activist insisted that "when blacks had the numbers, they didn't do anything to support us." Today, the Chicago Sun-Times' columnist Mary Mitchell asks a couple of well-known locals whether or not Callejo had a point. To which 14-1 co-creator Roy Williams and Dallas Rep. Rafael Anchía say, in short, Not so much.

Says Williams regarding Callejo's comments: "This is by design to create fear and separate the Hispanics from the African Americans." Says Anchía, "The majority of Latinos were insulted by those comments. Actually, I don't think Adelfa is a racist. She has worked with the African-American community on important issues to both communities." It should be noted, of course, that both Williams and Anchía are Obama supporters. --Robert Wilonsky


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