Dallas City Council District 3 Race Heats Up Thanks to Cyber Pirates

District 3 might be the most important race in the upcoming Dallas City Council election. Incumbents Scott Griggs and Philip Kingston have taken the rare step of endorsing a candidate outside their own districts, giving their support to high school teacher Joe Tave. Vonciel Jones Hill, who represents District 3 and is term-limited, has endorsed Casey Thomas to be her successor. Wini Cannon, like Tave, is against the Trinity toll road and has been impressive so far in the campaign. The district is one of the easiest pivot points to spot in the insurgent battle to unseat the Dallas old guard. It's all very serious stuff.

The District 3-related web addresses poached by some enterprising anti-Hill/Thomas folks are not. Wednesday, thanks to a tweet from the Morning News' Elizabeth Findell, we were pointed to caseythomasfordallas.com, which features a big, grinning side-hug between Thomas and Hill along with a plea to vote for "anyone but Casey."

Thursday, Unfair Park was amused to discover that Hill does not own voncielhill.com. If you check it out, you'll see Hill with John Wiley Price, a video documenting Hill's alleged lies about how close she lives to Dallas Executive Airport and what would be a pretty snappy slogan for her next campaign, "Vonciel Jones Hill: She Knows What's Best for You." The page design could use a little work for sure, but, in a district that only say 3,036 turn out in the last cycle, we applaud the civic engagement.

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