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Dallas Companies Will Step In to Save Golden Triangle Mall. If, That Is, Denton Pitches In.

Back in June of last year we took a look at the state of Denton's Golden Triangle Mall, which, at the time, had fallen into foreclosure and was being put up for auction. Like Dallas' Southwest Center Mall and Valley View, it's seen better times. But per a piece on KXAS-Channel 5 last night, two Dallas-based companies think it can be something other than a dead mall: Both The MGHerring Group (which developed The Village at Fairview and The Village at Allen) and Cencor Realty Services (a division of The Weitzman Group that's presently managing the property) are in line to buy the Golden Triangle and resurrect it -- but only if Denton pitches in.

They went before the Denton City Council on Tuesday to make their respective pitches, and though nothing's been signed, Linda Ratliff, the director of the city of Denton Economic Development Department, says something needs to be done, a sentiment reiterated by the owner of When Pigs Fly-A Curious Little Shop: "The mall has been sitting here, begging, waiting. It's almost like the little kid in the corner going, 'Hey, I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. Can I come out of time-out now?'" The Channel 5 video follows.

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