Dallas Councilwoman Vonciel Hill Is Really Mad at Scott Griggs for Doing His Job

Rather than, you know, enunciating her concerns at the city council briefing both she and Scott Griggs attended on Wednesday, Vonciel Jones Hill fired off a memo Wednesday morning chastising her fellow council member for his "inaccurate, incomplete and insulting" writing.

The rest of Hill's memo is less alliterative, but just as biting.

"As current Chairperson of the Transportation and Trinity River Corridor Project Committee, immediate past Chairperson of the Trinity Committee, and a continuing member of the Transportation Committee, I am appalled and offended, on every level, by your memorandum to City Manager A.C. Gonzalez, dated 15 September 2014, related to the Trinity and Transportation Departments."

Then comes the trippy part. Hill lays out, in list form, all the "accomplishments" of the Trinity and transportation offices, most of which have nothing to do with what Griggs was complaining about.

The completion of the Rochester Levee, Army Corps of Engineer Work and the Sylvan Avenue Bridge "partial lane opening" by TxDOT among others don't explain giving the run of the city's horse park to a known horse abuser, the standing wave mess and failing to act to complete the Oak Cliff streetcar despite the project being fully funded.

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Hill's memo, which you can check out in full below, isn't about rebutting Griggs' claims. It's about defending her turf. Oh, and her news feed: We've learned that she's also defriended Griggs on Facebook.

Vonciel Hill Memo to Griggs

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