Darlene Ewing

Dallas County Democratic Chair Not Making Friends in Collin County

Over at DailyKos, Linda Magid, who's the campaign manager of Tom Daley's Congressional campaign, has a bone to pick with Dallas County Democratic Party chair Darlene Ewing. Yesterday, The Dallas Morning News ran a piece in which Ewing more or less said that while Dallas has turned a deep shade of blue in recent years, don't count on it happening in the suburbs any time soon: "I'm sure they won't like hearing that, but I just think they're years off. You've got to win something for people to take you seriously. They're trying." To which Magid, under the moniker "memoirgirl," writes: Feh.

"And on top of it, she called the candidates idiots," says Daley, the candidate himself, in an interview this morning with Unfair Park. "We've been working up and down Collin Couny last year, and so we know firsthand what's going on in, and we believe we're a lot closer to success here than others might think. We think we're 12 days away from success, not 12 years. In 2004, you didn't see 1,000 John Kerry volunteers running down the streets. But this year, Senator Obama has inspired so many volunteers to come out I've effectively had access to 1,200 volunteers on behalf of my campaign. ... So we see it every day, and we see more energy than someone who's sitting on the sidelines in another county." --Robert Wilonsky

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