Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk Is Back

After more than three months, Dallas County District Attorney Susan Hawk is retaking her post. Hawk announced Thursday morning that she has returned to her office following recent stints in mental health facilities in Houston and Tucson.

Since taking office in 2015, Hawk has sought in-patient treatment for major depressive disorder three times. Hawk also sought treatment for a painkiller addiction during her campaign against incumbent Craig Watkins during the 2014 district attorney's race.

Throughout the summer, Hawk and her office have been reticent to provide any information about Hawk's potential return to the district attorney's office. In a statement issued Thursday, Hawk explained that not setting a date was part of her recovery process.

"While I have made it a priority to be completely transparent about my fight with this disease, my mental health team and I felt it was important to minimize my exposure to the media while I undergo treatment and refrain from announcing or even setting an official return date," Hawk said.

Hawk, a Republican, only needs to serve 11 more days in office to ensure that Texas Governor Greg Abbott will get to name her replacement, who will then serve until the 2018 midterm election. If she quits before then, a special district attorney's election would be held in November. In her statement, however, Hawk signaled no intention to resign.

"Mental Illness is a lifelong disease; however, as District Attorney, I am incredibly blessed to have such a strong and supportive administrative team and such incredible attorneys, investigators, and staff who have handled my absence with both grace and professionalism," she said in the statement. "I look forward to once again working with my staff to make Dallas County safe and thriving."
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