Brandon Thibodeaux

Lowell Cannaday and Lupe Valdez during one of their debates

Dallas County's Early Birds See Blue

The troops are scattered hither and yon: with the Dems at Bishop Arts, with the Republicans at the Raddison, and we've even pulled Pulle back into the fold for a night to hang with Alan Vaught at the Lakewood Tavern, hot dog. But till their dispatches are dispatched, the early (unofficial) results are in from Dallas County Elections HQ, and the early birds went straight Democratic: 215,378 partygoers to 126,742 on the GOP side, which is not surprising but nonetheless good news (at the moment, at least) for Barack Obama, Rick Noriega and Lupe Valdez, who leads Lowell Cannaday in the race for Dallas County Sheriff 280,231 to 211,821.

Pete Sessions, on the other hand, probably doesn't have much to worry about: Despite the heavy straight-ticket Democratic voting, he leads Republican challenger Eric Roberson by almost 20,000 votes with 75,364. You know who is nervous? State Rep. Allen Vaught, who leads Republican challenger Bill Keffer by a slim lead in early voting: 16,803 to 14,992.

Ken Molberg, running for the 95th Civil District Court, tells Unfair Park the Dems are "thrilled" with the early results. The Democrats' most optimistic prediction had them pulling 55 percent in early voting, not more than 62 percent. "It's unbelievable," he says. "It's never happened before."

As for the Parkland Hospital bond election, well, that's all but a slam-dunk: 380,784 for versus 78,811 against. --Robert Wilonsky

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