Dallas Drops Charges Against Uber Drivers

All those brave, lonely nights in the back of an Uber car, acting like just another kid who needed a ride, all of those limo violations, all of that pretending: It was all a waste. Dallas is dismissing all the citations police had filed against Uber drivers.

Uber's attorney Joel Reese got the news yesterday. "I believe the city dismissed the charges because they were never proper in the first place," he says.

The citations were dropped just as City Hall released its investigation into why Dallas almost passed an ordinance that would have essentially outlawed Uber with little public input.

But before the public brouhaha with the sneaky ordinance happened, Uber was a frequent target of both police undercover officers and private investigators for the taxi cab industry posing as riders, as we detailed in last month's feature. More than 30 Uber drivers had been cited in the course of the months-long sting.

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A popular citation that police charged the drivers with was "Limo Violation," even though Uber drivers are already required by company policy to have a limo license.

This isn't the first time that Uber has kicked Dallas' ass in a legal smackdown. In September, Dallas tried to prosecute Uber with a jury trial on charges the company was illegally advertising a limo service. The jury sided with Uber.

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Amy Martyn
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