Dallas Finally Fixed the Pot Hole from Hell, and It Looks Lovely

For two long weeks, workers at the Carmel Car Wash on Mockingbird Lane heard a constant "bang bang" sound. It wasn't gunshots. It was cars going through a pot hole so bad that complaints of tire blow-outs were common. In the Lakewood Advocate, Rick Wamre wrote four days ago that the pot hole cost his son $197. On Facebook, Lee Harvey's warned everyone about blown-out tires, bent rims and a DART bus that drove over the hazard marker that was placed for the pot hole, sending more hapless souls into the hole's clutches.

Finally, sometime late Tuesday, the city of Dallas repaired the pot hole, just before we managed to get out there to snap a picture of the MOAPH*. Sure, now the city's efficient. Not that we're bitter.

Note that an orange hazard marker has been left behind at the repair-job, just in case. Maybe it's the city of Dallas trying to be bike-friendly, sending a warning to still ride around this if you have skinny tires.

We are happy to report first that the pot hole has been cured, and we definitely don't expect this jagged patchwork of a street to ever turn into a pot hole ever again.

*Editor's note: Why would we want to take a picture of a pot hole? Because readers eat that shit up. Hey, we're not proud, and seriously, people get angrier about pot holes than they do about racist frat boy chants. Oh, and that's Mother of All Pot Holes, but you knew that.

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