Dallas is Dead? Yee. Haw.

That's the word from Gurinder Chadha, the Bend it Like Beckham director who was among several tapped to helm the big-screen version of the TV series, which Laura Miller tried desperately to get shot in Dallas during her tenure as mayor. Speaking to the U.K. Independent about her latest film Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging, which opens in England tomorrow, Chadha had this to say about the plagued production:

[She] signed on to make a cinema version of Dallas, the US TV series. She moved to LA to begin work and casting rumours began to fly, but Chadha reveals that despite the buzz, Dallas is a project destined not to happen: "I pulled out of Dallas. The producers wanted me to stay but I didn't think it would happen. The trouble with Dallas is that they did some market research and found out that if you're under 38, the likelihood is that you've never seen the show. That was kind of damning. Basically, they're worried that there is a whole generation of young kids that would not go and see it."

Bless you, kids. Bless you. --Robert Wilonsky

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