Dallas ISD Offers Detailed Look at Plans to Improve Its Academically Unacceptable Schools

Speaking of Dallas ISD public hearings ...

A few weeks back, in advance of a series of town halls, we sneak-peaked the district's vague suggestions offered to improve its 33 academically unacceptable campuses. But on the board's meetings-and-agenda website, you'll find the so-called School Improvement Plan for each individual campus prepared for an extraordinarily brief public hearing scheduled for Thursday at 4:30 at 3700 Ross -- and by extraordinarily brief, I mean it's one of three 15-minute public hearings scheduled to take place before the board's regularly scheduled 5:30 meeting. (The other two involve Proposed Technology Protection Measure and Internet Safety Policy and the School FIRST Annual Ranking.)

The plans are both broad and specific -- as in, at Kimball the district wants to "increase African American student achievement in math from 60% to 85%," which will involve,  among many other things, having "all students ... complete math bellringers every day during 4th period to increase mathematical awareness." Meanwhile at North Dallas, which is in its fifth year of AU, one of the suggestions reads: "Students will maintain binders with essential tools for learning such as vocabulary, notes, and graphic organizers, which will be referenced during guided and independent practice." There are also plans for those campuses in their first year of academic acceptability, including Hillcrest and Medrano Middle School. Long story short: There's much homework to be had.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.