Dallas ISD Serves Up Yet Another Very Special, Sad Episode of The Michael Hinojosa Show

WFAA-Channel 8 ran an "exclusive" last night recapping some of the potential staffing cuts on Dallas ISD campuses, should the super's worst-case scenario become reality. Of course, those are the same grim numbers Dallas Friends of Public Education had already posted to its website -- cuts ranging from a possible 171 out of 412 full-timers gone at Skyline to 120 out of 150 let go from Townview. Most middle schools could lose more than 25 percent of their staffs; meanwhile, the TAG Magnet High School would keep all of its 19 FTEs. Right now, high schools could lose up to 1,237 full-timers; middle schools, 745; elementary schools, 1,049.

Yesterday, the district posted to Vimeo those videos featuring Michael Hinojosa discussing that "new reality"; as I understand it, DISD's prepping a website dedicated to the budget cuts that could run upward of $260 million, with these videos and other PowerPoints presented to the board as part of the page. Perhaps that's why the district posted yet another clip last night: Hinojosa's preliminary budget-reduction plan presented to the board on February 10, which is worth a look for those who didn't have the pleasure of sitting through it almost two weeks ago. It's on the other side.

Preliminary budget reduction plan from Dallas Independent School Dist on Vimeo.

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Robert Wilonsky
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