Dallas ISD Super Hinojosa Talks About Why District's Going With $120 Mil Reduction

Yesterday we took a look at the latest version of the Dallas Independent School District's budget reduction plan, as necessitated by the state Legislature's decision to gut public education in the wake of its $27-billion (give or take) shortfall. After the board briefing, Superintendent Michael Hinojosa went in front of the media to explain why the district's going with a $120-million reduction, which will lead to 274 teachers and an additional 850 on-campus workers being laid off.

The super also explains why he's not jumping student-to-teacher ratios at the elementary-school level, unlike other districts in the state, and how this proposed budget is but the tip of the tip of the iceberg: "This is just to get us [to] next year's budget. The following year it'll be worse, so we'll have to reduce some more expenditures for the second year of the biennium." He's also got plenty to say about the state Legislature. His press conference follows.

Superintendent Media Availability (5/12/2011) from Dallas Independent School Dist on Vimeo.


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