Dallas ISD Trustees Blackburn, Nutall Have Had It With Dallas NAACP Prez's "Slander and Libel"

Ah, so this is why Dallas Independent School District board president Lew Blackburn and trustee Bernadette Nutall want to clamp down on public speakers at school board meetings -- comments made by Dallas NAACP President Juanita Wallace at the October 20 board meeting. Specifically, they're furious over Wallace's assertion at around the 1:06 mark that both have "been accused of requesting that Deion Sanders grease their palms, whatever that means" in order to deliver unto the former Dallas Cowboy H. S. Thompson Learning Center "to start a charter school."

Now, Wallace offers no proof of this. Zero. Zippo. Nada. Matter of fact, she says right after that: "If that is the case, stop it right now." Then, she says to the two trustees, "We do know you're pro-charter, and charter schools are for-profit and not educating children." But because trustees aren't allowed to address speakers, well, that was that. Until, of course, the trustees took up their discussion of shutting down speakers two weeks ago.

And how do we know this is the reason? Because this morning, trustee Carla Ranger has posted to her website a letter Nutall and Blackburn sent to NAACP national HQ condemning Wallace for impugning their "honor, honesty and integrity," and for slandering Sanders. And they want a public apology, or else "we are contemplating legal action" against Wallace.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.