Dallas ISD Wants Your Suggestions On How to Trim $253 Million From the Budget ...

... but keep it short -- you only get 255 characters.

Oh, yeah -- the district also just launched its 2011-12 Dallas ISD Financial Outlook website, which I told you yesterday was on its way. The DISD's calling it a "Districtwide Clearinghouse of Ideas and Information." You'll find pretty much everything the district's made public so far -- all the PowerPoints related to possible teacher layoffs, further info about the $10,000 buyout offer ("If approved by trustees, employees will need to personally deliver a signed S-54 form to the Human Resources department ..."), all the Austin-based consultants' presentations given to district officials ... a real, um, clearinghouse.

As for those suggestions, says the district:

Your thoughts and ideas are important as the district examines its options to work through this important budgetary issue and process.

During the next few months, this site will be a clearinghouse for all matters related to the creation of the 2011-2012 budget. Let us know what information you would like included on this Clearinghouse, and send us your ideas and suggestions for budget cuts.

I'm just gonna cut and paste the last two weeks' worth of comments, 255 characters at a time.

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