Dallas ISD's Without a Superintendent, a Chief Academic Officer and, Now, a Chief of Schools

Earlier today, when word broke that Donna Micheaux was out the door as the Dallas Independent School District's chief of schools, I asked Jon Dahlander if there was Official Comment concerning the surprising departure. Because it is surprising, at least on the surface: Micheaux, who was appointed chief administrative officer for the district in '07, had been one of the more visible and powerful members of the district's central office, pushing for changes at the magnets and a retooling of the charter school policies.

But as some Friends of Unfair Park have noted in the past, Micheaux wasn't highly regarded at 3700 Ross -- and less so once Michael Hinojosa left. Which, perhaps, is why her position was eliminated. Today. This is what Dahlander just sent:

Similar to hundreds of central staff positions that were eliminated this past spring, the Chief of Schools Officer position has been eliminated effective immediately.

As a result, the Division of School Leadership and Administrative Services has been reorganized. Dorothy Gomez, Senior Executive Director, will be the interim lead overseeing the secondary senior executive directors and Shirley Ison-Newsome, Senior Executive Director, will be the interim lead overseeing the elementary senior executive directors. In addition, Sherry Christian, executive director of Administrative Operations and Support, will be the interim lead for central staff in School Leadership and Administrative Services.

As this is a matter involving personnel, it will not be discussed further.

It's worth noting: With the departure of Hinojosa, chief academic officer Ivonne Durant and now Micheaux, the district's saving quite a bit of coin. Because Durant and Micheaux were both making $188,000 annually. The slate, she is clean. Well, cleaner.

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