Dallas Life Hack: DART Trains Can Double as Mobile Gyms

Riding the DART train, you may have wondered at some point whether those those overhead straps are capable of holding the weight of a fully grown adult. The answer is yes. You've probably never wondered whether those straps are capable of holding the weight of a fully grown adult as he does a dozen pull-ups. The answer is still yes.

Credit this gentleman with the discovery. I ran into him midday yesterday on the Red Line headed north when he hopped down the steps beside me and began what he confirmed to be his regular exercise program, pull-ups mostly, some overhand, some under, some on the bar, some on the straps.

He used to be a bodybuilder, he explained, dining on supplements and spending hours in the weight room. He stopped all that after reading something on Google -- what exactly I didn't catch over the whir of the train -- and began using only his own body weight for resistance. Mostly, this takes place as he rides DART to his job handing out third-party Medicare/Medicaid enrollment ads door-to-door.

So, next time your phone dies or you forget your Kindle at home, there's no excuse for being bored. Or fat.

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Eric Nicholson
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