Dallas Mascot Challenge: Furred vs. Feathered

Do you like to dress up in costume and dance around for kids? If so, and you're not currently enrolled in an educational institution at which the top grade level is "12" or lower, you may be creepy. (Birthday party clowns are no exception, as anyone who, like me, is terrified of them, will attest.)

But if you are of a youthful age and spirit bent, you may consider entering the Capitol One Mascot Challenge, a contest to find the most enthusiastic furred, feathered, scaled or skinned school mascot. It's only open to mascots in Austin, Houston, Baton Rouge and Dallas-Fort Worth. So, if you're a mascot in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Denton or Kaufman counties, you've got the potential to win $5,000 to donate to your school's athletic department.

Entries must be postmarked by this Friday, Sept. 14. Applications are available e-mailing dallasmascot@piercom.com or calling (214) 217-7314. (The latent jock-loathing, hateful drama dork inside me hates to hear me say it, but I feel I must: Go Tigers!) -- Andrea Grimes

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