Dallas Mavericks' Parade: Tip-Off is Thursday, 10 a.m.

The Dallas Mavericks' championship parade -- paid for by owner Mark Cuban -- will start Thursday at 10 a.m. and travel from City Hall to American Airlines Center.

Eff. That.

Since Cuban is buds with Jerry Jones (see: 2010 NBA All-Star Game) and seeing that a Mavs' title parade happens, oh, I dunno, once in a lifetime every 31 years, the parade should start in Dallas, snake west down I-30 and end up in Cowboys Stadium with an air-conditioned party fit for 100,000 MFFLs.


Beside, Dallas has a history of bad plans and worse parades. 

Bad parade: On Feb. 10, 1993 craziness erupts as a crowd estimated at near 400,000 crams into downtown Dallas for the Cowboys' Super Bowl XXVII parade. A dozen arrests and 18 injuries marred the festivities, which were highlighted by players riding through the streets in convertibles and limousines.

Bad planning: Does the name Celia Barshop ring a bell?

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