T.W. Browne Middle School
T.W. Browne Middle School
Dallas ISD

Watch: Dallas Middle School Students Laugh As Classmate Beaten on Video

A group of middle school-aged boys laughed as their friend jumped a smaller boy at T.W. Browne Middle School in Oak Cliff. At least one of the onlookers whipped out his cell phone and filmed a video of the incident, which began circulating on Facebook Tuesday night.

As the victim yells for his assailant to stop, the attacker throws right-handed punches, knocking the victim down in front of the toilet. Once he has his prey on the ground, the aggressor begins jumping on his victim's back, as his classmates chortle in the background.

In a statement Wednesday night, Dallas ISD police revealed very little about the attacker or the victim, citing privacy concerns. "Our investigation into the matter has been concluded and the appropriate enforcement action has been taken," the department said. "Due to the age and privacy concerns of all the involved parties this will be the only information released by our department."

Despite the district's tight lips, an anonymous source told WFAA-TV that police arrested the attacker in the video and charged him with "injury to a child." The child he injured suffered is not seriously hurt, but was taken to the hospital for bruising and minor abrasions, the source said.

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