Dallas News Publisher Denies Report That in Three Years, Paper Won't Print Every Day

Earlier today, an item appeared on The Poynter Institute's website in which Mark Medici, vice president of audience for The Dallas Morning News, is quoted as saying that within the next three years, "we won't have a seven-day paper." Medici allegedly delivered that shocking bit of news during a conference in Chicago yesterday. Earlier today, I asked Jim Moroney, the paper's publisher, to address that account. Moments ago, he sent the following statement:

We have had many calls today about a statement attributed to Mark Medici that we would not be publishing a print edition of The Dallas Morning News every day of the week within three years. We spoke to Mark, who did not recall making any such statement. Whether a misstatement or a misunderstanding, what we do know is that we have never come to a conclusion that we would be discontinuing seven days of the printed edition of The Dallas Morning News. So, while this was a fascinating statement for a lot of people to read, it inaccurately describes the belief we have as a team about the durability of the seven day print model. We hope this puts to rest any questions on this issue.

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