Help Wanted: The Observer Is Looking for a Jolly Good News Fellow

If you're good enough, we might even provide you with a fedora.
If you're good enough, we might even provide you with a fedora. ERphotographer

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If you're good enough, we might even provide you with a fedora.
Are you a recent college graduate in journalism or mass communications? Really? Didn't want to learn computer coding, huh?

Well, that's OK because despite what you might have read on Twitter, America still needs reporters who can dig in, get the facts and break news. We at the Dallas Observer still believe in the value of the First Amendment (plus, math is, like, really hard), so we're offering an opportunity for the right college grad to gain experience in finding, reporting and writing hard news. Consider it a sort of finishing school for the next Bob Woodward.

The details are below, but please ignore that "possibly insufferable" part. Our boss wrote it, and we think his autocorrect must have misread "lovable." Damn computer coders.

Did you cheer when the presses rolled during The Post? Do you believe the First Amendment came first for a reason? Have you been accused of working too many hours at the student newspaper — or making life difficult for the administration? The Observer has an opening for a digital news fellow to report and write daily hard news under the watchful eye of an experienced and possibly insufferable editor. This is a six-month fellowship that will start on or about July 1, 2018. The job pays $500 per week and is a perfect fit for a hard-charging recent graduate who can report and write quickly and accurately, has a native understanding of social media and isn’t afraid to break a sweat and ask tough questions. Serious applicants should email a cover letter, resume and clips to [email protected].

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Patrick Williams is editor-in-chief of the Dallas Observer.
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