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Dallas Officer Shoots and Kills Man Who Kidnapped His Own Children

Monday morning in southern Dallas, Steven Douglas rammed his truck into a car, breaking out the driver's side window. It belonged to the mother of his children. With her three kids, she had been trying to run away from him. He'd visited her apartment that morning, and, when she managed to get her kids in the car and drive, he'd chased her. She'd been on the phone with 911 dispatch as she headed toward a police station, but now her progress had been stopped. Douglas, gun in hand, opened his truck's door.

As he pointed the gun at her, he took two of the three children, a 9-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy, and put them in his truck (the third child is not his). The 29-year-old Douglas was apparently upset that their mother was now dating someone else, according to police. He hit the gas pedal.

Police searched for Douglas at places he'd been known to frequent. They also pinged his phone. Eventually, officers tracked him to his apartment complex in Oak Cliff, where they saw him get in his truck and drive away. The officers attempted to pull him over, but Douglas fled.

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They raced about 13 miles from Oak Cliff to southeast Dallas, where Douglas collided with another car near Crawford Memorial Park. The mother and infant in that car were injured, according to police. Douglas then abandoned his truck, running toward an auto-repair shop. Officers pounded the pavement after him.

Douglas stumbled. As he did so, he pointed his gun at Officer Rogelio Moreno, who shot and killed him. Moreno's been with the department for seven years. Two witnesses apparently reported that Douglas was shot in the back, but, after interviews with the police, they said they'd heard that second-hand. "At this stage of the investigation," according to a police statement, "no fact witnesses to the shooting have suggested that suspect Douglas was shot in the back."

The mother and the children are not injured, according to police.

This is the fifth officer-involved shooting since August 10.

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