Dallas Paints the Town, Faces, Beer and Dogs Green for St. Patrick's Day

More photos from the parade and the mess that followed, in our slide show here.

Once a year in Dallas, we come together to celebrate the common heritage that binds us all, whether we spent our formative years at frat parties, Uptown bars or the clearing down by the lake.

We dress up in green, which is the color of the beer, catch beads from the floats passing by, then hoof it down Lower Greenville to a friend's house, where there's an after-party and they're selling raunchy T-shirts on the lawn.

Saturday was another one of those days, as folks lined the St. Patrick's Day parade route, united in their public drunkenness. North-South tension surfaced briefly, with a few shouts of "Hook 'em" and "Boomer Sooner" traded across the street, but those moments were rare. For the most part, everyone came together, celebrating something called "Irish", hooking up their bros with beers, and wondering together if that bright yellow spill on the sidewalk really could be somebody's vomit.

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