Dallas PD Honors Its Fallen on Facebook with Reminders of the City's Dangerous Past

Yesterday, the Dallas Police Department has blanketed its Facebook page with a portrait and brief biography of every officer killed in the line of duty over the past 121 years. The procession of 80 mostly young faces is a somber reminder of how dangerous a job policing is.

A handful of the names are familiar. There's J.D. Tippit, who was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald in the wake of the Kennedy assassination; and Victor Lozada, whose motorcycle crashed in 2008 while escorting then-presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Robert Wood's 1976 death would become the subject of Errol Morris' The Thin Blue Line

The vast majority of the names you've never heard or have forgotten. Nowadays, most are killed during botched robberies, drug deals gone wrong or car crashes. The older cases, particularly those from the 19th and early 20th centuries, give a glimpse of what police work was like in those days. We've collected a sampling. All the pictures and bios are from DPD's Facebook page.

Cassee Odorous Brewer

Age: 42 End of Watch: Tuesday, May 24, 1892

Officer Cassee Brewer was shot and killed while attempting to arrest a man for slander at the Union Depot station.

While talking to the man the suspect pulled out a large-caliber handgun and began firing, striking Officer Brewer. The suspect was later apprehended and hanged for the murder.

Officer Brewer had served with the Dallas Police Department for three years. He was survived by his wife and children.

Leslie N. Patrick

Age: 29 End of Watch: Thursday, June 13, 1901

Officer Leslie Patrick was shot and killed while arresting a man for stealing a horse.

A struggle ensued and the man pulled out a handgun. The subject struck Officer Patrick on the head with the gun and it discharged, fatally wounding him. The suspect was initially sentenced to 40 years but in a second trial had his sentence reduced to five years for shooting Officer Patrick and two years for stealing the horse.

Officer Patrick had served with the Dallas Police Department for one year and was survived by his brother and sister. He was buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Lancaster, Texas.

Leroy Wood

Age: 25 End of Watch: Tuesday, February 7, 1922

Officer Leroy Wood was accidentally shot and killed by his partner during a struggle with a suspect.

The officers observed the man attempting to burglarize a business by using a butcher knife to pry open a window. A struggle ensued between Officer Wood and the suspect. His partner attempted to shoot the knife out of the man's hand but the bullet ricocheted off of it and struck Officer Wood.

Officer Wood had served with the Dallas Police Department for one year. He was survived by his wife and three children.

Alex W. Tedford

Age: 51 End of Watch: Monday, December 26, 1927

Officer Alex Tedford died after contracting an infection while conducting a Prohibition raid. During the raid Officer Tedford fell and tore ligaments in one of his legs. A blood clot and infection formed, causing his death.

He was survived by his wife, daughter, and two sons.

Officer Tedford's brother, T. A. Tedford, was shot and killed in the line of duty 15 years earlier while serving as a member of the Dallas Police Department.

Leonard Clint Mullenax

Age: 29 End of Watch: Saturday, February 10, 1962

Officer Leonard Mullenax was shot and killed while on an undercover operation to buy illegal alcohol. During the purchase a struggle ensued and Officer Mullenax was shot three times by the suspect. The man was not indicted for the murder because there were not enough witnesses.

Officer Mullenax had been with the agency for eight years and was survived by his wife and daughter.

Find the rest here.

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