Dallas PD's New Year's Eve, By the Numbers

The Dallas Police Department sends word this morning: It guesstimates 30,000 turned out for last night's Big D NYE in Victory Plaza, otherwise known as the Dallas Stars' post-game party that filled a few hours of Channel 8 airtime in between all that Dick Clarking. And while DWI numbers aren't in yet -- won't be till 6 tomorrow morning, when the no-refusal initiative runs out -- there are some Victory Park stats:

  • One arrest for aggravated assault on public servant. Officer taken to Baylor Hospital with a head injury in good condition.
  • Five public intoxication arrests
  • Two arrests for warrants only
  • One panhandling arrest

Nothing to report form the West End of the Dallas Convention Center, site of Lights All Night. But there is this note, concerning reports of random gunfire well before the midnight hour: At 10 p.m., 12 people were chitchatting in a bedroom in a house on Woodlot Drive, in Pleasant Grove. Reports Senior Corporal Kevin Janse:

"One of the females was breastfeeding her infant when a single bullet from random gunfire in the area came through the roof and landed on the bed. There were no injuries, only damage to the roof and ceiling. No suspects were located or observed."

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