Dallas Police Department to Receive $8.9 Million in Federal Money to Back the Blue

Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder held a press conference this morning during which they doled out $1 billion in federal money to back the blue. And from the look of the list of cities due to receive Community Oriented Policing Services grants, Dallas fared pretty, pretty well: The Dallas Police Department will receive $8,896,300 to pay for 50 officers.

Said Holder, departments were chosen to receive the money "based on crime rates, financial need and community policing activities." Also receiving money locally: Addison ($713,490), Arlington ($6,107,248), Hutchins ($130,550) and Lancaster ($639,096). Not on the list? A mighty pissed-off Houston. Will update as soon as we receive word from Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle, with whom we left a message moments ago.

Update at 12:42 p.m.: Dallas City Manager Mary Suhm explains: The $8.9 million is a three-year grant, meaning it will fund 50 positions for, well, three years. As for how it will impact the budget she will present to the Dallas City Council on August 10, she isn't sure: "We're not through yet. It is helpful, but I can't tell you exactly what it does." She also tells Unfair Park that we'll see the budget one week from Thursday or Friday.

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