Dallas Sucks for Renters, Says Survey of Renters

Dallas renters rate the city as one of the worst in Texas in which to live, according to a new survey from Apartment List. Among Texas cities, only Houston ranks lower among the 100 cities surveyed.

Apartment List talked to a bunch of renters — more than 18,000 nationwide — in what it calls the largest survey of its kind to focus exclusively on renters. It asked people about their perceptions of where they lived and then converted ratings on a scale of one to 10 into letter grades. Overall, Apartment List gives Dallas a C-.

Of those surveyed in Dallas, only 44 percent said they were satisfied with the city's safety, somehow, despite the fact that Dallas had its lowest murder rate since 1930 in 2014 and an overall crime rate that's been in decline for the last decade.

Beyond safety, Dallas residents also dinged the city for its "access to recreation" and commute times, problems that will surely be alleviated by the addition of jugglers, mimes and a toll road to the Trinity River basin.

There were at least a few positives from the survey. Confirming the wisdom of turning Texas into a Randian, relativist utopia, Dallasites, and Texans as a whole, gave their cities high marks for state and local taxes, or lack thereof.

Among other DFW cities, Plano actually ranked first nationally for renter satisfaction in the survey, getting an A+ from Apartment List. Austin also cracked the top five, coming in fourth.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.