Have a Dallas Misdemeanor Warrant? Time to Raid the Pantry.

The bad news for traffic scofflaws and anyone else walking around with a Dallas C misdemeanor warrant is that it's warrant roundup time. The good news is, this time the city's offering a discount on your warrant fees, if you're willing to go through a little trouble.

If you've got a warrant, or warrants, during the roundup, there's a chance that a Dallas city marshal could come calling at your home or place of business, hauling you in for your traffic, petty theft or public intoxication tickets.

That doesn't mean you have to risk it. According to the Dallas Marshal's Office, anyone showing up to Dallas' Municipal Court building downtown to pay their fines, or work out a deal with the court if they can't pay, won't be arrested for any outstanding warrants. 

A deal, if you ask us.EXPAND
A deal, if you ask us.
city of Dallas

Scofflaws with access to canned goods could get an even better deal, thanks to a new program.

Anyone who shows up to the Municipal Court between Feb. 9 and 13 with three canned food items can get their $50 warrant fee waived by the city as long as the cans they bring in contain vegetables, beans, tuna or chicken.

“The Marshal’s Office wants to encourage individuals and businesses who have outstanding issues in city of Dallas Municipal Courts to resolve them during this period,” Dallas City Marshal Gary Lindsey said. “Many of these outstanding offenses threaten the health and safety of our community and can easily be taken care of before an officer has to come to your home or place of work.”

Anyone who wishes to take care of their fines without messing with parking downtown or raiding their mom's cabinet can go to Dallas' court and detention services website to pay their bill.

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