Warehouse jobs like these popped up for the holidays.
Warehouse jobs like these popped up for the holidays.
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Texas Unemployment Is at a Historic Low While Dallas' Rate Stays Flat — but Good

Dallas’ unemployment rate has stayed relatively stagnant this year, while statewide, Texas has seen 29 consecutive months of employment growth, according to recent data from the Texas Workforce Commission.

The local unemployment rate stayed at 3.2 percent in November, the same as in October and November 2017, according to the report.

While the number of Dallas workers on the hunt for a job hasn’t changed much, the overall jobless rate in Texas fell 0.3 percentage points from last November to this November, landing at 3.5 percent, according to the TWC data, meaning the job market for workers in Texas is looking better even if Dallas isn’t seeing that.

A TWC spokesman says this isn't something Dallasites should be worried about.

"As Texas reaches historic lows, our [Labor Market Career Information] department stated that they imagine there is little room left for the unemployment rate to drop," the spokesman wrote in an email. "In other words, we wouldn’t think of it as stagnating as much as maintaining a near record-low rate."

Dallas' unemployment rate has been heading in a downward trajectory, steadily decreasing since 2010 when it hit 8.4 percent, and reached a record low earlier than other areas.

Dallas beat the statewide unemployment rate which, when seasonally adjusted, was 3.7 this November — a record-breaking 42-year low, according to TWC’s report.

"Dallas ... has either maintained that record low or is within one-tenth of a percentage point from the record low," the spokesman said.

About 482,600 Texans were out of a job this November compared with last year’s 515,500 unemployed Texans, with Beaumont-Port Arthur, Corpus Christi, Victoria and Odessa seeing the highest decrease in unemployment compared with last November.

Beaumont-Port Arthur’s unemployment rate fell 1.3 percentage points compared with the same time last year, when their unemployment rate was 6.6 percent. Corpus Christi’s unemployment rate was at 5.5 percent last year and fell to 4.3 percent in November. In Victoria, unemployment last year was at 4.3 percent and fell to 3.6 percent last month.

The industries that saw the most employment growth since last year were manufacturing, construction and the mining and logging industry. According to the data, the mining and logging industry’s percent of change in Texas reached a high of about 16 percent. So for those in Dallas on the hunt for a job, prep your resume because it looks like mining and logging might have some openings.

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