Dallas, Yet Again, Amuses the British

The UK Guardian has an oh-those-crazy-Yanks piece about locals spending $20 on those "Welcome Home, George and Laura" signs. Better still is the accompanying artwork by the great Nan Coulter -- a homemade banner from "the Maloufs," among the eight photos included in the sidebar slideshow (or, as I like to call it, what I see on the drive home). The story says that Hillcrest High School grad and TCU sophomore Patrick Bibb has thus far unloaded some 800 of the signs -- half of 'em to Schutze, though keep it down. Alas, this is a far prettier picture of (near) Preston Hollow than Cindy Adams's bungled description: "where thick shrubbery and wrought iron gates with shining monograms shield the McMansions and verdant football-field-sized lawns from unwelcome eyes." Nice -- except, um, some of those are actual mansions.

Oh, and that T-shirt you see here? A Friend of Unfair Park sent the link for the limited-edition offering, along with the suggestion that Schutze get hisself one in case he ever bumps into Dubya at the local Home Depot. Because, right, you know Jim wouldn't actually say squat to him.

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Robert Wilonsky
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