DART's New Policy to Serve Beer, Wine Ads

Last month we noted that Dallas Area Rapid Transit has long has a policy in place prohibiting beer and wine ads on buses and light rail. Why? No real reason, other than previous boards didn't much like the idea. But DART needs dough, which is why, over the course of the last month, board members have been debating whether it's time to get wet.

Board member Pamela Dunlop Gates was among those objecting: As we noted earlier this week, she said at a June meeting that she has "an issue with saturation" and that "self regulation does not work in communities of color, historically and speaking from personal experience and not hearsay." But Tuesday, the board did indeed amend its advertising and concessions policy.

As you'll see after the jump it now reads: "The advertising of beer and wine is allowed only on revenue vehicles and subject to the requirements of this policy." What that means is alcohol ads won't be allowed on bus shelters or at light-rail stations. Incidentally, Fort Worth's T has long sold beer and wine ads.

And on a related note: I see that lawsuit over the citywide sale of beer and wine is humming along. Per the case jacket, depositions are being taken and experts witnesses have been appointed as it inches toward the trial scheduled to begin September 12.

Ad Policy Resolution 110067

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