Icy DART power lines in December 2013
Icy DART power lines in December 2013
Dallas Area Rapid Transit

DART's New Winter Weather Contingencies Are Only a Couple of Years Late

One thing has proved true during each of Dallas' last two significant winter storms, DART service -- DART rail service specifically -- will fail. The week that Jerryworld hosted the Super Bowl in 2011, DART light rail suffered its first full shut down. Almost three years later, DART experienced another stoppage during December 2013's Icepocalypse. In both cases, DART tried to keep service running by clearing overhead electric lines of ice with out-of-service trains.

Tuesday, the transit agency announced two scenarios it will use the next time inclement winter weather strikes North Texas.

In scenario one, rail service continues within the LBJ loop and is suspended elsewhere. Buses would cover for the trains that aren't running. DART spokesman Mark Ball said the boundary isn't born out of a geographic concern. Instead, it would allow the agency to focus maintenance efforts in a limited area. Riders would know what to expect from the service.

Scenario two would shut down all rail service and replace it with bus shuttles. It is unclear how scenario two differs from what happened during the storms.

Here are the rest of the pertinent details from the DART press release:

Stations with rail service under Scenario One include: Blue Line: 8th and Corinth to LBJ/Skillman Green Line: Lawnview to Farmers Branch Orange Line: Irving Convention Center to LBJ/Central Red Line: 8th and Corinth to LBJ/Central

In Operating Scenario Two, suspended light rail service is replaced with shuttle buses serving each rail station.

In both scenarios, DART will operate a Saturday bus schedule with limited additional service on express routes 206, 208, 210, 221, 234, 278, 282 and 283, and local routes 63, 362 and 509.

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