"Dating" Website Says Their Users Don't Like Dallas. Likewise, We're Sure.

One of Unfair Park's favorite things is all the unsolicited lists we receive that tell us where Dallas ranks when categorized in some completely unverifiable, useless category. Normally, they just languish in our inbox like so many Groupon notifications, but sometimes we're too weak to resist.

Dallas is one of the "Least Sexy Cities of 2014?" In fact, it's the fifth least sexy city in the whole of the United States? You win this round, bullshit-list-maker. Our pride is on the line.

In truth, given our proximity to noted hotbeds of sexiness like Oklahoma City and Shreveport, the claim didn't seem too outrageous. That being said, we did begin to wonder what kind of data could possibly have been mined to back up such an assertion. Maybe the company that put out the list conducted a rigorous, double-blind survey in which participants evaluated a representative sample of Dallasites against a definitive list of sexy characteristics. Maybe plethysmography was involved. That would have been interesting. Disturbing, but interesting.

It's not even close to what happened.

No, the least sexy cities list was compiled by MissTravel.com, a dating site. Miss Travel, which is quick to tell you that escorts are not allowed, hooks up "attractive travelers" -- who always travel free -- with "generous travelers" who pay all travel expenses. Basically, a generous traveler suggests a trip -- he or she can ask that an attractive traveler come to their home city or meet them in another city -- in hopes that an attractive traveler will take them up on the offer. Totally not an escort service at all.

Dallas, apparently, is not very popular among the type of people who would use a service like MissTravel. It made the site's least sexy list because of the high number of rejected dates that would've occurred in the city. Checking out the Sixth Floor Museum is not the best idea for all-expenses-paid sexy travel, it seems.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.