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Daughter Whose Dad Taught Her To Shoot Kills Intruder Charging Toward Her Bedroom

It's the kind incident that makes you want to take everyone you love to the gun range for lessons: A woman -- we don't know her age -- is watching television upstairs a little before noon on Wednesday at her home, which isn't far from Camp Wisdom Road and Interstate 35. She heard the doorbell ring and looked outside, but she didn't recognize the two men.

Suddenly, they're kicking in her door, moving swiftly up the stairs and approaching her bedroom, according to the police affidavit. Luckily, her father taught her to shoot, he told The Dallas Morning News. She opened fire, striking one of them. They fled down the stairs and out into the yard. Isaiah Williams, 19, collapsed. Eric Ford, 47, kept running. When police arrived, she told them one of the men was wearing an orange shirt and ragged blue shorts. She said he was about 6 feet tall and skinny.

By 6 that evening, a call came into dispatch. Williams' family was holding Ford for police. They arrived at apartments on Fordham Road and Alsbury Street. An officer saw a man with a torn shirt and blue shorts. He said his name was Eric Ford. He said he'd been fighting with Williams' family.

Witnesses told police Ford said he'd been involved in a burglary gone bad, and that some "guy" had shot at them on the second floor of a house. In the process, he said his friend was killed.

The woman's father told a DMNreporter this wasn't their first break-in. "I just hate that she didn't get both of them."

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